Blueberry Pancake Mix




Blueberry Pancake and Waffle Mix, 12oz Cloth Bag. Complete pancake mix includes 2oz real blueberries. Just add water!

Made from scratch, our blueberry pancake mix is bursting with delicious blueberries and wholesome goodness. Unlike other Boxed Mixes, our pancake mixes are made with premium ingredients including locally sourced soft winter wheat flour, sweet cream buttermilk powder, real butter powder and real dried blueberries. No trans fats and no preservatives. You can taste the difference!

Creating an easy buttermilk pancake mix from scratch seemed the perfect way to share our family tradition with others. Serving up those warm and love filled memories led to our desire to make a pancake and waffle mix that other families can enjoy any day of the week.

We offer a wide variety of mixes: Best Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Blueberry Pancake Mix, Southern Pecan Pancake Mix, Gingerbread Pancake Mix and a line of Gluten Free Pancake Mixes. Packaged in our retro cloth bag, it makes the tastefully simple and delicious breakfast or anytime gift.


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